Pāhiki Eco-Caskets




PĀHIKI (Hawaiian): 'To pass quietly, go lightly, touch gently'

Pāhiki came into existence after a series of deeply moving and intimate experiences with death. As we navigated the emotional & logistical complexities of funeral planning, we found a lack of continuity between eco-conscious living and sustainable burial options. The more we observed the more we realized our 'death denial' culture has the unintended consequence of perpetuating poor environmental stewardship. In the West we have defaulted to practices such as embalming; manufacturing caskets made of heavy toxins, metals, synthetic fabrics; and artificially making those who have passed appear animate. These gestures, though temporarily comforting to the living, are wreaking eco-havoc in perpetuity.


catalyzing ʻĀina stewardship in deathcare


We are committed to helping humans leave the lightest possible environmental touch in death via biodegradable caskets. Pāhiki lovingly crafts traditional, cremation, and 'collaborative' offerings alike. The collaborative options have small linen loops fixed around the casket's external perimeter—to be abundantly populated with flowers & foliage by each funeral guest. We believe in offering friends & family a meaningful way to (re)engage in the death space--a healing practice we’ve drifted from in recent decades. 


We're devoted to crafting high-quality, low-impact caskets for all 



Pāhiki exclusively uses responsibly sourced, 100% reclaimed Hawaiian wood from local arborists. With little more than dowels, simple joinery and non-toxic glue we're able to craft strong, dignified and beautiful caskets. Join us in our mission to leave the very lightest eco-touch on our most treasured Hawaiian land. Please connect with us directly if you would like to purchase a casket but find the fee to be cost-prohibitive. We will work to accommodate a diverse range of needs. Pāhiki has an abiding love for humanity and believes wholeheartedly in crafting goods accessible to all.